The Forum of Bible Agencies - North America - Membership

The Forum of Bible Agencies — North America is a strategic alliance of ministries specifically committed to engaging people with God's Word in its various forms.

Working together in relationship with our Holy God, the Forum exists as an expression of unity of purpose and priority: the Word of God, available and used throughout North America — and the world — impacting lives and communities with the transforming power of God which brings life and freedom and peace.

Through the Forum, like-minded organizations partner in planning and producing resources that will encourage individuals to engage with God’s Word and grow to apply God’s truth in every aspect of living. We believe this will happen sooner when we work together — and that’s important. We believe this will honor God most when we do it together — and that’s important too. Together with churches around North America, the Forum longs for the day when every person in this and every generation will at least have the opportunity to hear and respond to God's Word in a language and medium they understand intrinsically.

For more information regarding FOBA membership, please contact us.